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E11 Ventures cares about your business development as well as your life in Canada. We are trying our best to build up a platform to help people get information about immigration policy, commercial policy, and community information timely.

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E11 Ventures offer comprehensive services to help customers to grow their business and live a better life in Canada. We are building up a community for people to support each other. 

Frequently Asked Question​​

No, but having entrepreneurial experience is preferred.

No. Canada IRCC requires you to stay in Canada to work for the project at the time your PR status is granted.

It depends on your project details. We suggest a budget for 18-24 months.

No, only the applicant needs to pass the IELTS General Training Test.

No, application cannot include their parents as dependents, but if you get Canadian citizenship, you can apply visa for your parents  for reunion.

E11 will help to arrange the pitching with angel investors. We will also invest in projects if they fits in our scope of investment.

Canadian Government does not require guarantee for the Startup to succeed. Not much risk for your guaranteed PR if the company fails.

Yes. If one of the team members fails to get the PR approval from IRCC, all other team member fails too, but we will do full due-diligent before building up the team.

Before your PR is guaranteed, ou can apply the work permity after submitted the PR application, your spouse can apply Open work permit and Kids can have study visa as well.

After your PR status is approved, you will receive a landing paper. There will be a expiry date specified in the landing paper. you should land Canada on or before the expiry date to activate your PR status.

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