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E11 Ventures has grown rapidly since established in 2019. We practically solve business problems for customers and bring benefit for their business as well as family members. Our achievements build up the trust and loyalty from customers.


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RedEgg Edutainment

The first online Chinese entertaining/educational platform for overseas-born Chinese kids.


Online mobile and web platforms for companies to validate their products in Aisa countries.


Enable everyone’s access to the world of decentralized crypto smart mining.


A premier blockchain-based marketplace for upcycled products.

Studio Rendering Farm

Transforming the Video Rendering market by operating a world class, high-speed, on demand, GPU-based rendering farm.

G-LAB Medical

Medical grade health monitoring ecosystem for home.

Young & Grace

The new technology for beauty

Location Ai

First indoor GIS-based technology and Geo-location specified database.

BlueSoc Cyberguard

Leading Security as a Service (SaaS) platform helps SME owners to protect their business by top-notch security experts over the globe.

Bamboo Wellness

Personalized Precision Care For Your Mind Bamboo is a science-backed mental health app delivering simple, personalized, precision care to help Asian Canadians and Americans take ownership of their well-being.

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We provide all-rounded services for company and startups to establish their business and innovative idea in Canada. Services ranging from business consultation, venture capital investing to startup visa application. Just tell us your idea, we can offer you a solution

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